Organized chaos on Dubby Skyline

daweh-congo-Dubby-Skyline-jaqIn 2009 Swedish producer and mixing engineer Jonahgold put out Daweh Congo’s acclaimed and dread album Ghetto Skyline. Four years later its dub counterpart hits the streets.

On Dubby Skyline Jonahgold has dubbed twelve of the original album’s 13 tracks with great results. And this dub version is probably even darker and more dread than the original album.

Jonahgold has twisted, turned and restructured the songs to an organized chaos flavoured with delay, reverb and Daweh Congo’s distorted grim chanting dropping in and out of the mix.

Some of the songs lean toward ambient and are ethereal and dreamy. One example is Dub Struggle, another is Dub and Be Happy. A few others are more energetic and could rock a dance floor at Ibiza or a warehouse in Detroit. Listen to Daydub and you’ll see why.

Best of the bunch is however the three initial cuts, which are most roots oriented. I’m especially fond of Dub Conscious and One Dub with their relentless are fearsome drum and bass.

Jonahgold is a clever mixing engineer and not afraid of taking roots reggae into new fields and dimensions as this well-crafted set certainly proves.

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