Upcoming reggae album releases 2014

All of Reggaemani’s lists collecting best of 2013 are now published – top 50 tunes, best 25 albums, ten favourite reissues and five mighty fine mixtapes.

So, what will happen musically in 2014? Will it be a great year like 2012 and 2013? Well, it certainly looks like it judging from the upcoming album releases I have heard about.

Upcoming releases 2014 - jpeg II

There are a number of big releases ahead and since last year was tasty to say the least, expectations are high and to be honest I’m quite excited, particularly about the full-length studio sets from Tarrus Riley, Queen Ifrica, Lutan Fyah, Addis Pablo, Wayne Marshall and Sizzla, especially the one produced by Australia’s Mista Savona.

There are also some big compilations coming up. I’m especially looking forward to the one covering material from UK’s Riz Records and the ones covering music from Augustus “Gussie” Clarke, Digital B, Phillip “Fattis” Burrell and Donovan Germain.

Below is a list covering all album releases I have heard about. Some are confirmed, while some are rumours and not yet scheduled. Check the full list and you’ll hopefully be as wound up as I am.

Various artists – Penthouse Records – 25 Years – The Journey Continues (VP Records)
A compilation of material from producer Donovan Germain.

Various artists – Evolution of Dub Vol. 8 (VP Records)
Four disc compilation collecting Prince Jammy’s Computerised Dub, Two Friends Crew’s Voyage into Dub, Shane Brown’s JukeBoxx in Dub and Alborosie’s Dub Clash.

Black Symbol – Journey (Sugar Shack)
Birmingham reggae figure Fatman has returned to the studio and will be releasing the first new Black Symbol album in 30 years.

Various artists – Rise Up! – The Riz Records’ Story (Reggae Archive Records)
Selection of 15 tracks from UK’s Riz Records, including previously unreleased material from Willie Williams and Earl 16.

Midnite – Beauty for Ashes (I Grade)
Produced by the mighty Zion I Kings and released via VI powerhouse I Grade.

Ward 21 – Still Disturbed (Germaica)
New studio album in co-operation with European dancehall outlet Germaica Digital. First single from the new album is Mic Magician and promises well.

Naram – March of the Gremlins (Jahtari)
The debut release from the newest addition to the Jahtarian stable is a digikal double LP filled with gritty minor-key riddims.

Mighty Mystic – Concrete World (VPAL)
Sophomore album with production from producers such as Tony “CD” Kelly, Mike Cip and Jordan Orvosh.

Disrupt – Dub Matrix with Stereo Sound (Jahtari)
Mini LP from Disrupt with nine cuts built on a Gamboy before being dubbed out with a Korg Monotron.

Wayne Marshall – Tru Colors (Ghetto Youths International)
At least partly produced by Damian Marley.

Various artists – David Rodigan – Masterpiece (Ministry of Sound)
50+ track compilation from this legendary radio personality and DJ.

Sean Paul – Full Frequency (Atlantic Records)
New studio album from this dancehall giant.

Various artists – Living Heart Vol. 1 – Xterminator 25 Anniversary Edition (XTM.Nation)
Compilation with material from the late and great Jamaican producer Phillip “Fattis” Burrell.

Terry Linen – Welcome to My World (VP Records)
New studio album from this Garnett Silk-influenced Jamaican singer.

The Heptones – Good Life (Greensleeves Records)
Reissue of this underrated album produced by Joseph Hoo Kim at Channel One. Originally released in 1979 when Leroy Sibbles had left the group. Naggo Morris sang lead on several tracks instead.

Various artists – Augustus “Gussie” Clarke – The Right Tracks (17 North Parade)
Compilation with material from this mighty Jamaican producer.

Talisman – I-Surrection (Oldwah Decontsruction) (Sugar Shack Records)
Dub counterpart to Talisman’s I-Surrection album released in 2013.

Capital Letters – Reality (Reggae Archive Records)
A brand new, yet vintage, 14 track Capital Letters album from 1985. Five of the tracks are the band’s original 1985 mixes, one track is a live recording and the other eight are newly mixed from the original session tapes.

Addis Pablo – In My Father’s House (JahSolidRock)
Partly instrumental debut album from Augustus Pablo’s son Addis Pablo. Features Chezidek, Earl Zero and deejay Exile Di Brave.

Alpheus – Good Prevails (Liquidator Music)
New ska and rocksteady album from sweet voiced Alpheus and the very reliable Spanish producer Roberto Sánchez.

Various artists – Biggest One Drop Anthems 2014 (Greensleeves Records)
The title says it all.

Dennis Brown – Reggae Legends Vol. 2 (VP Records)
Four disc box set with material from this reggae legend.

Gregory Isaacs – Reggae Legends Vol. 2 (VP Records)
Four disc box set with material from this reggae legend.

Alborosie & Friends (Greensleeves Records)
Probably in the same style as the previous Alborosie & Friends album, namely a number of huge collaborations.

Sizzla (VP Records)
New studio album from the righteous ranter.

Bunji Garlin (VP Records)
New studio album from this soca giant.

Pressure (I Grade Records)
New studio album on I Grade Records.

Rootz Underground – The Return of Righteous Vol. 1
New studio album from these reggae rocksters.

Various artists – High Grade Ganja Anthems Vol. 4 (Greensleeves Records)
The title says it all.

Maxi Priest – Easy to Love (VP Records)
New studio album from the smooth UK crooner.

Lutan Fyah (I Grade Records)
New studio album on I Grade Records.

McPullish – Standard Mind Erasing Dub (Charlie’s Records)
Another futuristic and relentless dub journey from this U.S. producer and mixing engineer.

Various artists – Reggae Loves Africa (VP Records)

Various artists – Roots of Music Works (VP Records)
Compilation of material from Jamaican label Music Works.

Various artists – Reggae Bloodlines (VP Records)

Various artists – Gussie Clarke – From the Foundation (VP Records)
Sounds like yet another compilation of Gussie Clarke material.

Sugar Minott – Roots Lovers (VP Records)
Compilation with material from this late and great singer and producer.

Frankie Paul – Reggae Anthology (VP Records)
Multi-disc compilation.

Various artists – Randy’s – Lost Archives (VP Records)
Triple disc compilation with material from this legendary and genre spanning Jamaican label.

Queen Ifrica – Play Day (VP Records)
New studio album and her first in five years.

Johnny Osbourne – Reggae Anthology (VP Records)
Multi-disc compilation.

Various artists – Music Works – Reggae Anthology (VP Records)
Sounds like yet another compilation with music from Music Works.

Various artists – Digital B – Reggae Anthology (VP Records)
Compilation from this great 90s producer that has been very anonymous for the past ten years or so.

Tarrus Riley (VP Records)
New studio album, and his first electric album in five years.

Sizzla – Born a King (Muti Music)
Produced by Australia’s prime reggae and dancehall producer Mista Savona.

U.S. producer Dre Skull has worked on a Popcaan full-length for a while and hopefully it will drop in 2014.

Christopher Martin
When this soulful singer signed with reggae giant VP a while back they revealed plans on his debut album set for release in 2014.

Christopher Ellis (Ghetto Youths International)
Dropped his debut EP Better Than Love in late 2013, and hopefully a full album will see the light of day this year.

Stephen Marley – The Fruit of Life (Ghetto Youths International)
Originally scheduled for release in 2011, bt has for various reasons been delayed. Hopefully release in 2014.

Mr. Easy
New full-length, and at least partly produced by Ricky Blaze, who was the mastermind behind Gyptian’s worldwide smash Hold You. Check the first single off the album called The Don.

Hollie Cook
Rumours said Hollie Cook was supposed to drop her second album in May 2013. That never happened. Hopefully this year.

An excellent deejay and Hollie Cook’s sidekick. Album was rumoured to be put out in 2013. That never materialized. Hopefully this year.

Brinsley Forde
Dropped his excellent debut studio album Urban Jungle last year and has one more up his sleeves. This one is produced by Sly & Robbie. Fingers crossed it will drop this year.



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