Odd and peculiar from Disrupt

JTR16German producer and mixing engineer Disrupt – one of half Jahtari – recently dropped a brand new mini-LP. It carries nine cuts, and the longest is only 2.30 minutes.

Jahtari has built their brand around two main cornerstones – reggae, or maybe dub, and technology, or maybe more appropriate, vintage technology and video games.

Dub Matrix With Stereo Sound blends these attributes well, and Disrupt has for this release used a Gameboy as his sound-killing device. Each of the nine cuts are built on a Gameboy before being dubbed out of its mind with a Korg Monotron and then mixed to cassette.

It may sound like a joke. But it’s not. Dub Matrix With Stereo is a weird experience and definitely for real. The sounds are distorted, dark and carry a vintage electronic feel. Best of the bunch is probably Pueblo Riddim, a cut that has an odd and weird swing to it.

It could definitely work as the soundtrack to a hipster version of new Super Mario Bros video game.

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