I-Octane’s hit-filled journey

i_octane_my_journeyI-Octane has been on the music scene for about five years. He has been prolific in the singles market, but has been less productive when it comes to albums. My Journey is his second album and follows Crying to the Nation released in early 2012.

While his debut set was overseen by a variety of producers, the catchy My Journey is directed by I-Octane’s long-time friend and hit-maker DJ Frass. Together they have created a contemporary Jamaican pop album, of course highly influenced by both reggae and dancehall. Mainly reggae actually.

The culture and lovers themed My Journey is an entertaining and lively album filled with lots of energy, beautiful hooks and memorable melodies. And the youthful I-Octane is a varied and passionate singer that can be both velvety and aggressive in the same verse. Closing track Burn It is an excellent example of this – at times smooth as a silk, but suddenly shifting to a more rugged approach.

Definitely a solid album, and particularly enjoyable are album opener Time Will Tell, the warm and easy Stepping in the Name of Love and Babylon, a track where rock guitars make an appearance. Not always welcome, but this time it works quite well.

I-Octane has already proven himself being a fresh and talented singer, and with this second album he keeps the reggae flame burning bright.


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3 responses to “I-Octane’s hit-filled journey

  1. Blessed youth

    Hi, i think Your album coverage is too short often, like this one! You should look at achis album reweivs they have more coverage in the stuff. You should do that

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