It’s a draw!

untitledClash albums have for a long time been an important part of reggae culture. The list of excellent sets where a deejay challenges another deejay, or a singer takes on another singer, or a mixing engineer encounters another mixing engineer goes on and on and includes sets such as Two Giants Clash (Yellowman vs. Josey Wales) and At the Grass Roots of Dub (King Tubby vs. The Upsetter).

Clash albums were especially popular in the 70s and 80s, and this entertaining format is something that Prince Fatty and Mungo’s Hi Fi has utilized on the striking and appropriately titled Prince Fatty vs. Mungo’s Hi-Fi.

It’s a battle between the vintage and organic sound of Prince Fatty and the futuristic and electronic sound of Mungo’s Hi Fi. But it’s also a clash between north and south UK, between roots and evolution.

On the ten track set – produced and put together by Prince Fatty – each crew has remixed five well-known tracks from their counterpart’s catalogue, injecting the originals with their own unique reggae vibes.

Prince Fatty has Horseman deejaying on several of his tracks, giving them a brand new edge, while the Scottish lads add mayhem bass lines, hard drums and some wobbling sonic wizardry to tracks such as Say What You’re Saying and For Me You Are.

This set showcases clever mixing and musicianship, but also, and more important, how varied and exciting the contemporary reggae scene is.

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