An eclectic EP from The Skints

the-skints-short-changeUK reggae punksters The Skints have come a long way since their debut album Live, Breathe, Build, Believe. That set was more or less punk with reggae influences, while their latest, and Prince Fatty-produced albumPart & Parcel, was the opposite – reggae with punk attitude.

On the brand new four track EP Short Change they take another leap forward incorporating more grimey hip-hop in their urban and eclectic sound. And this cutting-edge set offers both filthy bass lines and sounds of the summer.

The excellent lead single The Cost of Living is Killing Me comments on the current economic climate and has vocalist Josh Waters Rudge delivering a gritty cockney rap complemented by drummer Jamie Kyriakides and the multi-talented Marcia Griffiths singing both verses and the chorus. Three vocalist on one tune work really well and the recipe is copied on all three vocal tracks.

The Skints certainly have an ability to transcend genres and they are not afraid of breaking boundaries to create refreshing beats and infectious hooks.

Really looking forward to the announced, but not yet scheduled, new album.

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