Unreleased Scientist album hits the streets

11183_JKTDigikiller/Deeper Knowledge Records have found ten unreleased Scientist dubs and collected them on an album titled The Dub Album They Didn’t Want You to Hear!.

Nine of the tracks are dub versions of Flick Wilson’s School Days album and one is a dub from Wayne Jarrett’s What’s Wrong With the Youths set. Both albums were originally released by Jah Life.

This set is described by the label as classic Scientist 1980 style mixing. This usually means hard and sparse with focus on the bare essentials – bass and drums.

The Dub Album They Didn’t Want You to Hear! is currently only available on LP.



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2 responses to “Unreleased Scientist album hits the streets

  1. alan beckerleg

    Any news on re-releases of Scientist albums ( meets the space invaders, curse of the vampires) can’t get them anywhere. I heard they released a vinyl box set for record day but all too expensive

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