Ginjah’s voice gives me the chills

Ginjah_Urge_To_LoveJamaican gospel-influenced singer Ginjah’s second album Urge to Love is a twelve track set that strives in almost every direction possible – reggae, rock, hip-hop, country, bluegrass, power pop and soul. Californian producer Jungle Josh – the man behind the excellent Game Theory riddim – is responsible for production, and Ginjah’s take on that particular riddim, 4 AM, is of course included.

Ginjah has a voice that can give goosebumps. He’s soulful, gritty and aggressive. All at the same time. But sometimes he needs to hold back to stay on pitch. The higher notes are not his strongest suit, which becomes evident on a few songs here.

Urge to Love is a telling title. Most of the tracks are lovers oriented, for example the highly infectious album opener Baby Girl (What Love Means) and Tell Me, a clever relick of The Maytals 54-46 That’s My Number.

Ginjah is probably best known for his single Never Lost My Way, on Flava McGregor’s Rub a Dub riddim. But a few of the tracks on this set manage to match that tasty tune and with the right songs and proper guidance Ginjah’s voice will give any label executive the chills.


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