An accomplished and mature debut from Hezron

Hezron - The Life I Live(d) (cover)I admit it. I might use the word soulful a little too much. Because when I have listened to Jamaican singer Hezron’s debut album The Life I Lived(d) I realize the definite meaning of soulfulness. This reggae sensation is an accomplished vocalist and his album is massive both in terms of its greatness and in terms of number of songs – this double disc boasts no less than 26 well-crafted nuggets.

Hezron was born in Jamaica, but moved to the U.S. early on. When in the U.S. he sang R&B, but Jamaica was calling and he moved back to explore his musical roots. And I’m glad he did.

The Life I Live(d) is an organic and beautiful effort with a rich sound. It’s also a personal journey seen through Hezron’s eyes and he gives his views on love, relationships and bad man living.

Romancing is the main theme and the set collects both fan favourites like So in Love, Forever and Always, Can’t Come Between and We Can Feel Alive as well as new gems, such as the first singles Can’t Tek di Pressure and Check.

This is Hezron’s debut album, but it sounds mature, partly because of the well-produced riddims by some of Jamaica’s finest, and partly because he sings like he has never done anything else in his life.

The Life I Live(d) drops on May 27 on CD and digital download.


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