Sound effects in focus on Sly & Robbie’s Underwater Dub

CS2447804-02A-BIGWorld-renowned riddim duo Sly & Robbie have been involved in countless of dub albums – as studio musicians, producers and mixing engineers. For a number of years they kept a low profile, but it in 2012 the returned to the spotlight with Blackwood Dub, recorded together with producer Alberto Blackwood.

Now comes the next chapter in this musical relationship. Underwater Dub collects ten instrumental dub cuts recorded in an analogue style at the legendary Harry J studio in Jamaica with musical heavyweights such as Mikey Chung, Radcliffe Bryan, Daryl Thompson, Robbie Lyn and Sticky Thompson.

Focus is on drums and bass. And these two essentials are drenched with unusual sound effects and some studio wizardry with lots of echo and reverb. It’s slow and monotonous, and non-dub heads might find this release strange, or odd even, but for me it’s a real treat. Turn up the bass – the riddims twins are in full effect.


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