D-Major gets an A for effort

10342812_10152710628951111_3645886429697710953_nJamaican singer D-Major certainly lives up to his name. His debut album It’s Major is a mix of uplifting reggae and smooth lovers rock with a dash of R&B and dancehall.

It’s Major is out on Penthouse Records, a label run by Donovan Germain, a producer that started with tough roots in the 70s, but has since changed direction and his label nowadays drops some of the most sophisticated reggae there is. And D-Major’s debut is no exception.

The sound is clean and the production is polished with glossy arrangements and slick vocals. Among the 18 tracks are beautiful songs like Real Know Real, Girl of My Dreams, That What Love’s About and Gasoline on riddims such as Street of Gold, Focus, Heart and Soul and Rock & Come Een.

But with a whopping 18 tracks it’s hard to avoid a few fillers, and the set would have been even better with a little more edge and without cuts like the pop/R&B effort Weekend or dancehall lightweighter Naked.

Still, if you aim for a melodious and harmonious album you ought to check out It’s Major.


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