Rough and raw from Yabby You

yabby-youI was very excited when I realized that Pressure Sounds was about to drop a new Yabby You album, a set following his Deeper Roots released in 2012.

Deeper Roots Part 2 takes up the mantle of exploring the late Yabby You’s extensive back catalogue and is packed with previously unreleased mixes of one of Jamaica’s most unique producers.

He started his musical career in the early 1970s just as a new wave of Jamaican artists and producers were starting to dominate the local music scene. And from the very beginning his music stood outside of the mainstream of reggae music.

This 16 track compilation – with audio quality sometimes a bit below par since some tracks were sourced from vinyl – focuses on the more instrumental and dub infused productions of Yabby You and offers several exclusive mixes. Some of the tracks were given directly to the label by Yabby You, while others have come from exclusive dubplates.

Sipping I & I Chalice comes in two versions and was only ever previously released on 7”. Thirty pieces of Silver has been deconstructed and reduced to a thundering and powerful instrumental. Psalm 16 is another highlight with its ruthless percussion and overall dread mood.

And that mood actually goes for the full album. It has that eerie sound that Yabby You is probably best known for. If that sound is something you like, you should definitely check this set. More than 50 minutes worth of music – most of it exclusive to Pressure Sounds – and sleevenotes by label boss Pete Holdsworth and focus on his own personal experiences of dealing with Yabby You from the mid 90s.

A worthy follow-up and definitely well in line with the first volume.


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