Top 50 reggae albums according to Mojo

mojo-logoMusic magazine Mojo has recently dived deep into reggae territory and selected their top 50 reggae albums.

The list collects contemporary CD compilations in favour of original, vintage vinyl releases and Mojo’s staff has tried to steer clear of multiple entries by reggae’s biggest names such as Bob Marley, Lee Perry and King Tubby. They almost nailed it.

The list contains a few surprises and also a number of odd albums, even though the magazine’s number one is something of a regular in lists like these. Most unexpected is a set released only a few months ago. An exceptional album, but kind of unorthodox to add such a recent release.

You can check the full list here, and Reggaemani has taken the liberty to make a Spotify playlist with a majority of the albums. Listen and download the playlist here.

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One response to “Top 50 reggae albums according to Mojo

  1. Really useful info! Thanks for the playlist, now following the list on spotify! Follow back lfaiweather1. Let’s jam out together

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