Cool and colourful disco reggae on new compilation

STIX037LP-FRONT-300x300After last year’s release of Disco Reggae Vol. 1 comes the second edition titled – yes, you guessed it – Disco Reggae Vol. 2. And this new set offers more of the same successful recipe – reggae with a funky disco twist. Sometimes it sounds like a reggaefied version of Daft Punk.

This nine track compilation includes eight new and exclusive cuts from producers like Taggy Matcher, 7 Samuraï, John Milk and Mato. From Grandmagneto comes an already available version of Gloria Jones’ northern soul classic Tainted Love, covered successfully by UK synthpop duo Soft Cell in the early 80s.

All tracks are reggae refixes. Some are versions of smash hit songs, while others are renditions of lesser known tracks. The former includes swaying versions of Herbie Hancock’s jazz instrumental Watermelon Man and Pharrell Williams’ uplifting Happy.

The latter comprises The Joubert Singers gospel-fused funk tune Stand On the Word, this version comes with a dubby electro twist, and Lee McDonald’s soul banger I’ll Do Anything For You, and Mato’s version lies close to the floor-filling original.

This album is definitely not disco, but it’s not straight reggae either. It’s a selection of dance floor anthems carefully crafted with a new vision. The result is a rocking and swinging album with a cool edge.


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