Brina transcends borders on new EP

coverA few years back Jamaican singer Brina took me by storm with her uplifting double A-side single Listen/Real Reggae Music. It was later followed by the diverse album Under the Sun.

Lala Vizuri was partly translated into Swahili for her debut album and now she has decided to go all the way with the Swahili language. Her new EP brings Jamaican reggae to Africa, and it is sung in Swahili. Probably the first time a Jamaican artist has sung songs completely in Swahili.

“I see myself as the successor of my ancestors and, through my music, pay homage to them with every note I sing. Even though I was born in Jamaica, I needed no serious convincing from anyone that I am African,” says Brina in a press release.

Reggae Sauti Za Kiswahili is a Jamaica/reggae/Swahili cross-cultural musical fusion and collects five re-worked songs – of one is a dub version – from Brina’s debut album. Real Reggae Music is for example now Naimba Real Reggae Music with the Afro Cuban Bembé drums closing the song.

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