An introduction to Mystic Revealers

MysticRevealersCrucialCuts_zpsca2a4c31Jamaican band Mystic Revealers went on hiatus a few years back to develop the Caribbean surfing community, and now they’re back with something of a best of compilation titled Crucial Cuts. The set features 13 of some of their most popular tracks, including Space & Time and Young Revolutionaries.

Can’t say I’ve heard much about Mystic Revealers before I ran into this album, which is a bit strange since they were formed as far back as in the late 70s. Jimmy Cliff produced their debut single Mash Down Apartheid, which was released in 1985. But it took another seven years for the debut album to hit the streets. During those years they played Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica and toured Japan, the UK, the U.S. and Europe.

Including Crucial Cuts they have put out eight albums, most of them produced and released in the 90s. And that’s why some of the songs on this compilation sound a bit dated. An overuse of synths and too hard guitar solos are partly to be blamed.

There’s however nothing wrong with the melodies and Billy Mystic is a mellow and accomplished singer with a soothing vibe. There are a number of crucial cuts included, for example the Anthony B combination I’m Gonna Tell You, on which gruff deejaying meets soulful singing, and Young Revolutionaries, with its catchy guitar lick.

All tracks are far from crucial, but it’s always nice to discover a band that’s been around for quite a while without making any significant impact on the course of history.



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2 responses to “An introduction to Mystic Revealers

  1. Loved that last paragraph. Made me feel like the whole article was a backhanded compliment. Is there a “Bands that had absolutely no impact on Reggae” article coming soon? ha.

    • Hi, it might have come out a bit wrong. What I meant was that even though they have been active for 30+ years and put out many albums, I have never heard about them, even though I have followed the global reggae scene for about 17 years. I was surprised. Cheers

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