A U.S. reggae album from the UK

untitledReggae music continues to grow in the U.S. with internationally recognized events like The California Roots Festival and Billboard charting artists including Rebelution and Soja. But the U.S. take on reggae has also gained response on the other side of the Atlantic.

Eight-piece reggae band Backbeat Soundsystem from Cornwall, UK, blends vocal melodies and hard-hitting toasting with upbeat and organic riddims on their freshly released third album Together Not Apart.

The UK has always been second to Jamaica in the reggae industry with distinct sounds of lovers rock, steppers and other bass-heavy sub-genres. Backbeat Soundsystem and their debut is something new and the band is well positioned to crossover into the U.S. market.

Together Not Apart has a high tempo throughout. It’s punky and funky with melancholic melodies, multi-layered vocal harmonies, intricate horns and pumping beats. If bands like The Green, John Brown’s Body and the aforementioned Soja and Rebelution is your thing you should definitely check Together Not Apart.

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