G-funk roots from Rick Haze

cover170x170U.S. producer Rick Haze recently dropped a new album titled The Dopest Roots, an eleven track set where he continues to work with other U.S. based acts, and the album includes collaborations with Midnite, Inna Vision, Arise Roots and SkillinJah. The set comes with four vocal cuts, six dubby instrumentals and one intro.

The Dopest Roots is blunted like a G-funk album and brings back memories of the early 90s with whiny synths and lazy and fat beats. It’s said to be produced and recorded in memory of the late and great Jamaican producer and mixing engineer King Tubby and two of the tracks include name checks.

This album is heavier and more uncompromising compared to most reggae from the U.S. The bass lines are weighty, the arrangements are rather sparse throughout the set and the mood is ethereal and meditative, partly thanks to the slow and powerful riddims.

Definitely not the usual U.S. reggae album and definitely one to check out if like your reggae slow and heavy.

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