Bob Marley’s 50 greatest songs according to Rolling Stone Magazine

91c+umg3G3L._SL1500_Last year Rolling Stone Magazine published an issue titled Bob Marley – The Ultimate Guide to His Music & Legend. This issue holds 100 pages dedicated to a man that went from being a local music hero to becoming a global pop star, whose music is as relevant today as it was when he and The Wailers were making it in the 60s, 70s and early 80s.

The issue also countdowns Bob Marley’s 50 greatest songs. The list comprises several of Bob Marley’s best moments and includes anthemic crowd-pleasers and fan-favourites like One Love, Get Up, Stand Up and No Woman, No Cry along with lesser known gems like Guava Jelly, Lick Samba and Nice Time.

Bob Marley was a prophet, a revolutionary and a sex symbol and his albums can often be found in reggae illiterate households. His music and messages of equality and loves speak to everyone everywhere.

And Bob Marley made music that still cries to be heard, so I compiled a playlist on Spotify with Rolling Stone’s Bob Marley top 50. The list countdowns from 50 and you can check it here. Enjoy!


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