No ordinary dub album from Prince Fatty and Nostalgia 77

628747029-TRU297_300ppi_RGBNearly a decade ago acclaimed UK producers Prince Fatty and Nostalgia 77 met for the first time. Prince Fatty firmly rooted in vintage reggae and Nostalgia 77 being a bit more eclectic, but primarily based within jazz, blues and pop. They have released several collaborations since and a full-length set was released last year with virtually no or very little promotion.

On In the Kingdom of Dub – it has nothing do to with the Scientist album with the same title – Prince Fatty has taken on ten tracks from Nostalgia 77’s back catalogue. It’s a flavourful meeting where Prince Fatty has given the cuts new life with solid grooves; dubby, funky, soulful and jazzy.

Most of the tracks are low-key and breezy with vocal snippets popping in and out here and there. You have the almost haunting Rainclouds Dub and Quiet Dawn Dub as well as the highly organic and ethereal Little Steps Dub. But then you also have tracks with a more dancefloor-oriented sound, like the Latin-flavoured Freedom Dub and the rowdy Skeletons Dub with its echoing sound effects and screaming trumpets.

In the Kingdom of Dub is superbly and tastefully mixed and Prince Fatty works extensively with tempos and breaks building up crescendos and suddenly tearing them apart. Listen to this set and you’re definitely in for a few surprises.

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