Kiddus I takes a jazzy trip

kiddus-i-take-a-trip-reggae-reggaetodayLegendary Jamaican singer Kiddus I is back with a new album, following his Topsy Turvy World, released in 2013.

Kiddus I has a fascinating story. It starts in 1972 when he recorded his first tune. It was later followed by a brief appearance in cult classic Rockers and the much acclaimed single Graduation in Zion, which was featured on the soundtrack. And now – in the late 70s – Kiddus I more or less disappears and resurfaces more than 20 years later. He’s part of guitarist Earl “Chinna” Smith’s nyabinghi project Inna de Yard and drops his debut album in 2004. It’s then followed by a successful reissue program and another new album Green fa Life.

His career gets a fresh start more than 30 years after he started in the music business and his brand new set Take a Trip is, just like its predecessor, recorded in Europe. But not in Germany this time. The Homegrown Band is from France and the recordings on this beautiful album dates back about ten years when they backed Kiddus I on a French tour.

The set was completed in 2009, but no label was interested at the time, but luckily enough Iroko has now decided to pick it up. But it seems only natural since Kiddus I has never rushed anything in his career.

Take a Trip is organic, mellow and jazzy reggae with live instrumentation complete with breezy horns, easy skanking bass lines and slick guitar. Kiddus I is a poetic and spiritual artist and his individual voice has remained remarkably intact and he sounds just like he did 40 years ago.

He and The Homegrown Band know roots reggae and they even manage to make a much-covered tune like As Time Goes By interesting and fresh.

Just sit back and enjoy the ride – it’s a smooth one.


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