Mungo’s Hi-Fi showcases a rising star on new album

untitledFollowing two remix EP’s comes a new one artist album from the Mungo’s Hi-Fi camp. This time it’s a collaboration with an up and coming youth – Charlie P. He first introduced himself to the collective five years ago at a show in Glasgow and they have since spent many recording sessions together and also toured across the globe.

You See Me Star is a result of the long collaboration and the ten track album brings together a variety of styles for the digital age – from roots and dancehall to more contemporary bass heavy music.

Mungo’s Hi-Fi has your years championed the sound system style and been fore runners in the evolution and revolution of reggae, dub and dancehall. They have successfully merged these styles into a modern cocktail fueled by an extreme amount of bass.

On You See Me Star Charlie P sings and showcases his tongue twisting techniques over digital and wobbling bass boosted originals and relicks. He tells stories from sound system dances, and particularly tasty is album opener and title track, a cut about rising in the sound system hierarchy.

You See Me Star is adventurous and fresh rub-a-dub for the 21st century

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