Dub Pistols return with a party-starter

ArticleSharedImage-48537UK’s Dub Pistols isn’t what the name suggests. On their fifth album Return of the Pistoleros there’s not many traces of this innovative and often introspective version of reggae. This album is more of a party-starter with its tight up-tempo grooves.

However, Return of the Pistoleros has two things in common with dub – focus on bass and a fearless approach to breaking rules. The band takes on a no rules approach on this ten track set, which successfully merges reggae, jungle, hip-hop and drum & bass.

Dub Pistols were formed in the 90s by producer, DJ, musician and mixing engineer Barry Ashworth and they have muted from a duo into more of band. They have previously worked with a diverse range of artists, including Moby, Horace Andy, Limp Bizkit, Bono, Gregory Isaacs, Korn and Busta Rhymes.

On Return of the Pistoleros they employ vocal talents courtesy of main vocalist Seanie Tee AKA Dark Horizon along with Earl 16, Chezidek, TK Lawrence, Specials founding member Neville Staple and Lindy Layton from Beats International.

This album is at times distinctively British fed on fish & chips and cider, but at other times the ganja smoke lies thick, such as on the rolling Sticky Situation. Return of the Pistoleros is all about having a good time and offers big beats, several anthems and sing-a-long friendly choruses. All spiced with a punky style.

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