Killer debut from The Frightnrs

JEFF100_InnaLoversQuarrel_1800pxU.S. producer Diplo’s label Mad Decent is probably best known for its many electronic dance music release, often with a strong foothold in the Caribbean and Brazil. But one of the label’s most recent releases is something else. Something completely else.

The Frightnrs is a four piece outfit from New York City with a passion for vintage reggae and eerie rocksteady. Inna Lovers Quarrel is their debut EP and it’s full of vintage reggae spiced with raw energy and rub a dub vibes.

The set is produced by the renowned Victor “Ticklah” Axelrod and the EP was recorded live in the studio using analogue techniques and gear. It gives the set a warm, genuine and organic sound.

Organ and piano is used heavily throughout. Just listen to the head-nodding and organ-driven album opener Argumental. A minor-chord masterpiece.

Lead vocalist Dan Klein has a soaring tone and a high-pitched voice. On Which Way he could probably be confused with the legendary falsetto singer Junior Murvin. The best cut is however lead single Admiration, which comes with a classic rocksteady beat and urgent singing by Dan Klein. The remix of Admiration comes as bit of a surprise. But if you know Cadenza and Toddla T you probably know what to expect.

A killer release, so get ready for a real treat.


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