Solid Dillinger set reissued

Dillinger-Join-The-Queue-300x300King Spinna Records – run by one of the founders of legendary label Blood & Fire – has just reissued Dillinger’s solid Join the Queue, originally released in 1982 on Oak Sound.

Dillinger is best known for his international hit song Cocaine in My Brain, but he was during the 70s also one of the leading deejays with his slick style. Join the Queue was released at a time when dread roots reggae was giving way for the more slack dancehall genre.

And this set captures the shift very well, with rock-hard riddims provided by Roots Radics and We the People Band. They contribute with five tracks each, on which Dillinger lays down playful, boastful and rootsy lyrics. He even slips in a bit of yodelling on Duddle Oley, unusal in reggae, but can also be heard on Tony Tuff’s Come Fe Mash It and Perfect Giddimani’s Never Fail.

After being out of print for the last 33 years this reissue is certainly very welcome.

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