Augustus Pablo – a man with a musical vision

unnamedThe late and great Augustus Pablo had a distinctive musical vision and his take on reggae is inimitable and his productions are easily identifiable. Organic and dynamic with his typical Far East sound. He was no stranger to instrumentals and was responsible for the massive melodica cut Java.

His music has been heavily reissued and now reggae powerhouse VP has a fresh addition to the Augustus Pablo section in the shelves.

The compilation Rockers International was originally released in 1980 and showcased a bunch of the artists he was currently working with, including Earl Sixteen, Norris Reid and Delroy Williams. Its follow up – Rockers International Vol. 2 – was put out in 1992. Both are now available again on one lovely double disc with liner notes by reggae historian Harry Wise.

The 28 track compilation features several thunderous instrumental gems from Augustus Pablo himself along with earth-shaking dub versions and affecting vocal cuts from the likes of Jacob Miller, Junior Delgado and Jah Levi aka Hugh Mundell.

This album draws deep from the Augustus Pablo vaults and showcases signature productions from his golden era. His music is timeless, spiritually inspired and definately unique.

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