Romain Virgo’s Lifted bodes well for new album in 2016

unnamed25-year old Jamaican singing sensation Romain Virgo won popular Jamaican TV show Rising Stars in 2007 and he has since been taken under super producer Donovan Germain’s wings. He has put out two albums – one self-titled in 2010 and The System in 2012 – as well as winning numerous awards within the Caribbean community, including Entertainer of the Year by The Jamaica Recording Industry Association and the Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Excellence in his native country.

Now Romain Virgo returns with the eight track EP Lifted, an effort setting high expectations on his upcoming third album Love Sick, slated for release in 2016.

The set opens with Lifted, a song with sparse arrangements custom-made for auditioning for any talent show since it shows his strengths as a vocalist. But things get rougher and tougher on the three following cuts – the poignant God Inna Mi Corner, the massive Assassin combination Fade Away and the dubstep-influenced Badda Man with slightly too gritty guitars.

But there is no Romain Virgo set without romance and Lifted collects three smooth bedroom teasers and heart pleasers – Stars Across the Sky, Stay With Me and Soul Provider.

Lifted blends consciousness and social commentaries with love songs and intoxicating rhythms and it bodes well for his new album.


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