In need of more music from Cas Haley

unnamedU.S. reggae singer songwriter Cas Haley’s new album More Music More Family is insanely catchy and uplifting. The album was crowdfunded and I’m very glad fans across the globe helped him to record this beautiful album.

More Music More Family is a personal effort and addresses what life has taught Cas Haley, who has returned to music after an injury which caused an unfortunate hiatus. The album has an organic live-played vibe and draws influences from reggae, soul, blues, hip-hop and gospel.

The set was recorded in Hawaii and it’s marked by the tranquillity and easy-going life on the island. Songs like album opening title track and the following Whole, featuring co-producer Tubby Love on vocals, and Man Inside are the essence of island life and you can almost hear the beach, the sun and the waves floating through the airwaves.

On tracks like the sweet Hold Me, the repetitive We Learn and slowly pulsating Hold Up My Heart, which has a bass line reminiscent of the mighty Pass the Kouchie, things get a bit rootiser, while Cas Haley offers a taste of soul on the funky Before It’s Too Late, which suddenly turns into a bona-fide gospel party.

Sure, some people might dismiss this magnificent set as too lightweight, but for me it’s all about pressing the repeat button again, again and again.


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