Playful and boisterous on DJ Vadim’s Dubcatcher II

dj-vadim-dubcatcher-cdDJ Vadim respects no musical boundaries. Nothing is off limits. That was clear on his album Dubcatcher released in 2014. And its follow-up Dubcatcher II – Wicked My Yout follows the same playful and highly entertaining recipe.

This is DJ Vadim’s twelfth album and it’s a fusion of several genres and styles. Many with prominent bass lines. He expertly blends reggae, ska and dub with hip-hop, soul, funk and jungle. It’s playful and fun excursion rooted in the Jamaican music scene. He samples and vocal fragments to create a full-sounding, energetic and fun musical experience.

Legends such as Max Romeo, General Levy, Tippa Irie, Courtney Melody and Earl 16 all share their talent on this project. They are complemented by a host of lesser-known artists, and talents like Junior Williams, Eva Lazarus and Taiwan MC mange to make a long-lasting impression.

There’s lots of sunny vibes. The soul and gospel-infused Shine Ya Lite is probably the best example. The uplifting Hey Hey Hey is another. Originator is rub a dub for the 21st century and the tongue twisting Rubberdub Soljah certainly catches on. And I definitely want to hear more  – a lot more – from Junior Williams, who lends his slightly raspy soulful tenor to the funky Music Soljah.

With one foot in the reggae scenes from the 80s and 90s and one foot in the future, DJ Vadim has created a raw and unconventional album that manages to stand out.

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