Horace Andy shines on In the Light

unnamedAbout two years ago reggae powerhouse VP Records announced a collaboration with renowned reggae historian and label head Steve Barrow, one of the founders of the legendary Blood & Fire label. Not much materialized from the collaboration and Steve Barrow left.

But one can guess that the most recent release from VP’s subsidiary 17 North Parade might be a result from the Steve Barrow and VP collaboration. Horace Andy’s In the Light and its dub companion In the Light Dub were namely reissued by Blood & Fire in 1995 and both are now reissued by 17 North Parade.

The sets were however originally put out in 1977 and the vocal version was recorded as a full album with two dedicated producers rather than a collection of singles for a variety of producers. Not always standard in the world of reggae.

Horace Andy is one of the most distinctive voices in reggae and several singers have followed in his footsteps over the years. In the Light is one of his best albums and was produced by Horace Andy himself along with the late producer Everton DaSilva.

It includes a number of new recordings along with updated versions of classics like Fever and Problems. The dub version is superb and shines light on the excellent musicianship provided by some of Jamaica’s top session players. The dubs are explosive with the usual emphasis on the rhythm section.

When these sets were reissued some 20 years ago they reached a new and wider audience and now they are finally made widely available once again.


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