Successful genre-crossing on Natty’s Release the Fear

NATTY-RTF-BLESS-1-960x960With most of the albums and singles I write about I have a preconceived understanding. This is because I have usually read something about the artist, the label or the producer in a press release or in an article.

Preconceived understandings have their pros and cons. If possible it might be better to listen to the music with as little information as possible. Then the view can be unbiased. In a global world characterized by huge information flows, this is however usually hard or impossible.

And after listening to Natty’s new album Release the Fear I wish I hadn’t heard anything about it. Because I thought this was a reggae album. Well, it’s not, and that blew a few fuses in my narrow mind.

No to worry however, I managed to realize that this album is a relevant and interesting slice of soulful pop music flavored with Caribbean and country & western rhythms.

Release the Fear offers two strong reggae cuts – the marijuana anthem Gaia and Change where Alborosie adds depth and Busy Signal energy to the militant groove. The other nine tracks ranges from the uplifting and very infectious album opener I’m Alive, which is an ode to life itself, over the upbeat Streetlight to more introspective efforts like Things I Done and King Had a Dream, efforts sounding like Johnny Cash meets Bob Marley.

Release the Fear is a spiritual, hypnotic and progressive album where Natty and his band The Rebel Ship take on a fearless approach to music and musical boundaries.

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