Powerful contemporary rub-a-dub from Mungo’s Hi Fi and YT

mungoshifi_yt-nowatadowntingTough UK chanter YT is a regular among Mungo’s Hi Fi’s many collaborators. And now they have a new album together, a set that is less experimental compared to several other releases from this Scottish outfit.

No Wata Down Ting lives up to its frank title. YT rides eleven rough riddims powered by live instrumentation supplemented by Prince Fatty’s studio band. The have laid down a number of devastating riddims, including the title track, which is a version of Johnny Osbourne’s wicked Ice Cream Love, originally produced by Henry “Junjo” Lawes. Johnny Osbourne himself joins YT on the microphone and Mungo’s Hi Fi has wobbled the bass line to mash up sound system dances worldwide.

But Ice Cream Love is not the only trace of Henry Lawes on this great set. Album opener – the motivational God Bless Pickney – is a version of Toyan’s excellent Afrikan Ting and Hugh Mundell’s Jaqueline, dubbed by Scientist with great effect as Blood On His Lips.

Another dancehall luminaire also contributes. Little John adds verses to the pulsating Work to Do, which might be this album’s strongest track.

No Wata Down Ting begins its musical journey with Henry Lawes and ends at another end of the dancehall sonic landscape – jump-up digital as made world-known by producers like Steely & Clevie in the late 80s.

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