Positive vibes on Dactah Chando’s Ansestral

DactahChando_AncestralmixI often think that I have a rather good view of the current European scene, but time after time I find solid albums from artists that I’ve never heard of, even though they have been around for several years.

Canarian reggae singer and devoted surfer Dactah Chando is one of those artists. He started his career in 2009 and dropped his debut album two years later. And a few months ago he put out his fourth set Ansestral.

It’s a great album produced and mixed by Umberto Echo with backing vocals provided by no other than German songstress Sara Lugo. Together they have created an album full of positive vibes with an often relaxed atmosphere.

I Chant offers heavy percussion and nyabinghi influences, while Alto Grado has a dub-infused sonic landscape. Vive sounds like a bouncy Augusts “Gussie” Clarke production from the late 80s and on My Yut Dactah Shando gets in a singjay mode.

Another solid and rootsy set from showcasing the thriving European reggae scene.

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