Heart and soul on Clay’s debut album

clay-art_soulAfter two super-solid EP’s – one self-production and one produced in conjunction with Germany’s Silly Walks Discotheque – UK singer and songwriter Clay finally reaches a second chapter in his career with a debut album.

With Art & Soul Clay is back on his own again. Instead of working with multiple producers he worked alone in his home studio, where he wrote all 14 tracks and composed and produced 12 of these.

This is a heartfelt album from start to finish and the album title is something of an enigma. It should of course have been labeled Heart & Soul. Maybe a stereotypical title, but it fits this effort very well.

This is slick and polished contemporary reggae with grand harmonies and beautiful backing vocals. Clay is at his best when performing with a slightly more aggressive approach, as showcased on album opener Chat and Gwaan Bad or the sharp Espionage.

Criminal and Cyah Get Enough, which features Beenie Man, are other fine examples of fiercer style, whereas an acoustic ballad like I’ll Miss You is an example of a gentler touch.

An honest and heartfelt debut.

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