A reggae star emerges from Madagascar

COVER ALBUMAfrica has a fast rising reggae star. His name is Bi.Ba and he’s from Madagascar. He’s actually been around for quite some time and on his brand new album Massavana he has collaborated with Spanish musician, producer and mixing maestro Roberto Sánchez and his Lone Ark Riddim Force. When Roberto Sánchez is involved satisfaction is usually guaranteed. And this is the case with Bi.Ba’s second album.

Bi.Ba has a touching and soothing tone in his voice and the production is heavily influenced by 70s Jamaican roots. Roberto Sánchez has given the set a feel of authenticity with vintage vibes and live instrumentation complete with beautiful harmonies – listen to Mr. Babylon – and dub versions to four of the cuts.

A stunning album from an artist that will put Madagascar on the reggae road map.


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