A seriously essential album from Jahcoustix

Irie099-JAHCOUSTIX-SERIOUSLY-POSITIVE-2500x2500px-72dpi-webOn Jahcoustix’ seventh album he has once again teamed up with Austria’s Irievibrations, just like he did on Frequency and its more naked counterpart Acoustic Frequency. And the result is yet another marvellous album.

Seriously Positive is a telling title. This album is uplifting, comforting and charming and it’s easy to dream away when dwelling into the sympathetic arrangements and Jahcoustix’ fervid yet laid-back, sometimes almost lazy, vocal style, which is complemented on two tracks by Uwe Banton and Akae Beka aka Vaughn Benjamin, formerly Midnite’s frontman and lead singer.

This is a throw-back to vintage reggae and the organic sound owes quite a lot to rocksteady, especially the driving organ and the tight and beautiful harmonizing on several tracks, as exemplified on a cut like the insanely catchy Old Tongue.

Other highlights include the heartfelt When We Part, the breezy Soul Steady with its lingering piano, horns and guitar and the pulsating Too Brutal, which includes some kind of rapping in the verses.

According to the press release Jahcoustix voiced the entire set in just one day. That’s an achievement. But with masterful musicianship and top-notch arrangements it’s no wonder why he might have been on a creative high.


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