Silly Walks Discotheque puts on a big smile

silly-walks-smile-jamaica-assassin-agent-sascoIn 2013 Chronixx dropped his hit single Smile Jamaica, an infectious cut produced by Germany’s Silly Walks Discotheque. Now comes the full album. But it’s not a one riddim album as one might expect. No, this is an excellent compilation with a broad variety of riddims highlighting many of Jamaica’s emerging talents.

Ikaya kicks things off and sets the tone with uplifting Reggae Love and from there and 15 tracks forward there is only killer, no fillers. Just positive and catchy reggae music produced, recorded and mixed with a great deal of love.

The majority of the tracks are previously unreleased and there are several bright shining moments, including gravel-voiced Agent Sasco’s driving Never Let Them Break You Down and Christopher Martin’s bouncy This Could Be Murder. Jesse Royal kills it as usual and his version of Mikey Dread’s Roots & Culture is pure murder that escapes into a fiery dub version with furious horns.

This set is just as great as Silly Walks Discotheque’s previous compilation – the ultra-solid Storms of Life.


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