The 20 best songs of 2016 so far

Soon we have passed the midpoint of 2016 and it’s time to sum up the first six months. Below is a list of 20 reggae and dancehall favourites released this year, and it can hopefully help to navigate among the tons of reggae released so far in 2016.

The year has actually so far been slightly disappointing and the competition to get on the list hasn’t been too fierce. I’m however very pleased with the 20 cuts selected and a few shines brighter than others.

The harmonies on Soothsayers Nothing Can Stop Us and Sara Lugo’s & Jah9’s Rejoice are divine, the lingering guitar on Clinton Fearon’s Waiting is sublime and Hempress Sativa and Jesse Royal kills it as usual with their stylistically superior flow. Also nice to include a new song from Damian Marley. If it’s from an upcoming album it certainly promises very well.

Best songs of 2016 so far covers

The list is as usual presented in no particular order and the songs included are only singles or tracks taken from compilations. If you are curious about the songs you can download a Spotify playlist with 19 of 20 tracks since Damian Marley’s Caution is currently only available on Soundcloud. Download the Spotify playlist here and I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do.

Artist – song title (label/riddim)
Jesse Royal – Blowing in the Wind (Larger Than Life Records/Guidance & Protection)
Hempress Sativa – Rock It Inna Dance (Conquering Lion Records)
Lukie D – Lukie Feeling (Street Rockaz/Tribute To Dennis)
Perfect – Nobody Knows (Irie Ites/World War III)
I-Octane – My Struggles (DJ Frass Records)
Kiko Bun – Sticky Situation (Island Records)
Dub Inc & Jah Sun – Open Up Your Eyes (Diversité Records/They Want)
Sara Lugo & Jah9 – Rejoice (Oneness Records)
Randy Valentine – Hold On (Maximum Sound/Blueberry Haze)
Ronnie Davis – Now Generation (Tuff Scout)
Flowering Inferno & U Roy & Alice Russell – A Life Worth Living (Tru Thoughts)
Clinton Fearon – Waiting (Chapter Two Records)
Christopher Martin & Busy Signal – Steppin’ (VP Records)
Kazam Davis & Infinite – Free Yourself Up (Rebelmadiaq Sound/No Stress)
Ady Suleiman – Runnin’ Away (Winta James remix) (Sony)
Chronixx – Out Deh (Shiah Records/Lion Paw)
Randy Valentine – Too Late (Royal Order Music)
Soothsayers – Nothing Can Stop Us (Kudos Records)
Good Vibe Styla & Kazam Davis & Infinite & Exile Di Brave– Nothing More To Say
Damian Marley – Caution


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3 responses to “The 20 best songs of 2016 so far

  1. ShivaSATIva

    Thanks for this new awesome music!!

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