Explosive remixes on Inna Nice Up! Fashion

0007481444_10UK’s Fashion Records started in 1980 and a studio was soon built to record Jamaican artists passing through London at the time. Several smash hits and lesser known gems were recorded at the A-Class studio and released via the label. Some of these 80s and 90s cuts from the Fashion vaults have now been given new sonic life thanks to a number of noted contemporary producers.

Inna Nice Up! Fashion serves up explosive and thrilling remixes by rave-revivalists, dancehall industrialists, digital dub machinists and modern reggae architects, including Dub Pistols, Jstar, Wrongtom, Mr. Benn and Jahtari.

The compilation has the DNA of reggae and dancehall and collects a little bit of everything for bass addicts around the world. Fashion Records has a long and rich history reaching far beyond reggae and this album will hopefully introduce the label to a new audience.

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