Lightweight reggae on Rebelution’s Falling Into Place

rebelution-sgt-2016Popular lightweight reggae pop and rock band Rebelution dropped their sixth album Falling Into Place in early June and it’s just as expected summery with catchy melodies and infectious hooks.

Rebelution is based in California, U.S., and is part of the burgeoning U.S. reggae scene, a scene that includes a broad variety of acts ranging from dancehall star Kranium via a jazzy outfit like Groundation or the more psychedelic John Brown’s Body to deep roots singers like Akae Beka aka Vaughn Benjamin from Midnite.

Rebelution and some of their peers – look for bands such as The Green, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad and SOJA – is somewhere in between with their rock-infused pop reggae. They are regulars on the festival circuit and their sound is made for live arenas.

Polished and slick with melodies annoyingly hard to resist and escape.

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