Easy-going reggae on Hirie’s Wandering Soul

13332816_909797775832276_2821719419263598721_n-300x300In just three years Hirie has gone from being a stay at home mom to #1 on iTunes and Amazon Reggae Charts with her second album Wandering Soul. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Her self-titled debut album was put out in 2013. Unfortunately it had poor distribution, but the single Sensi Boy was a success on Youtube and catapulted her into the scene. That single along with relentless touring together with some of the biggest U.S. reggae bands – like Tribal Seeds and Stick Figure – have paved the way for continued success.

Wandering Soul got its name after Hirie’s way of life. She was born in the Philippines and raised in Italy and Hawaii and has also lived on the U.S. mainland. The album as such is however cohesive and unified – even though six different producers have been involved – with its soulful, laid-back grooves and organic feel with live instrumentation, including a killer horn section.

Hirie sings about balance in life, family love, female empowerment and social change. There’s of course also a compulsory ganja anthem included. It has a strong pop appeal with catchy melodies and infectious hooks complete with superb musicianship and dub wizardry. Check the 80s tinged Boom Fire, with production courtesy of the great Don Corleon, or the meditative Trevor Hall combination Good Vibration.

With Wandering Soul Hirie and her band has created a sunny island pop album with deep reggae roots.


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