Brilliant and raw roots on King Solomon’s Ceasefire

13962638_1223242991032785_6388607605507176803_nTen piece UK reggae band King Solomon recently dropped their new EP Ceasefire – the follow-up to In the Dragon’s Den – and it’s a bona fide scorcher with its raw and organic sonic landscape paying tribute to great acts like Aswad, Steel Pulse and Black Roots.

Ceasefire is heavyweight roots with striking horns, militant drums and muscular bass lines. Just like other notable UK roots acts they don’t hesitate to tackle difficult issues and subjects like unemployment on album opener Poor Man, conflicts on the title track and police harassment on Officer.

It’s a short set with only six cuts and all are bright shining highlights, but melancholic masterpieces like Kingdom and Carry Me are slightly above the rest. Both comes with clever arrangements and unexpected tempo changes. And the orchestral opening to Carry Me is beautiful like a bright autumn day.

This set comes with very little perfume or make-up. What was recorded in the studio is what you’ll get.

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