The Emeterians’ reggae journey

TheJourneyThe Emeterians – a vocal trio from Spain – has put out a beautiful new album. Vocal trios are unusual these days, but were very popular in the 60s and 70s when The Uniques, The Techniques, The Heptones and The Wailers ruled the dances. However, even in those days you hardly came across a trio consisting of both male and female vocalists.

This is the case with The Emeterians. They have three lead singers – two male and one female. And it’s an excellent set-up adding plenty of depth to the songs.

The Emeterians started more than ten years ago and in 2012 they decided to relocate to London, the European reggae capital. There they formed collaborations with Peckings and Stingray. And the alliance with Peckings has proved fruitful, since Chris Peckings has together with Cosme Deyah produced The Journey, which offers a variety of styles, including rocksteady, roots and lovers rock.

The 13 songs are recorded over vintage riddims from Peckings’ deep vaults as well as newly recorded ones, including a solid cover of The Abyssinians Y Mas Gaan, a version that puts much attention to the original version.

It’s a marvelous set showcasing the versatility and breath of both The Emeterians and reggae.

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