Ronnie Davis’ superb Iyacoustic

R-8928786-1471666051-5781.jpegAbout a year ago veteran roots legend Ronnie Davis – of The Westmorelites, The Tennors and The Itals – dropped his sixth solo album Iyacoustic, a 14 track set where he covered reggae classics and sings some of his own biggest hits set to unplugged and acoustic arrangements. Only five months later after its release he sadly passed at age 66 suffering a major stroke.

I missed the album at the time of its release, but caught it only a few days ago and have been spinning it on repeat ever since. It’s his first in over 20 years and it’s superb. Such a pity that he didn’t share his heartfelt and emotive singing more during these years. His voice is just as great on these new recordings as it was back in the days.

Ronnie Davis delivers ultra-solid performances throughout the album, but best of the bunch are his versions of Got to Go Home, also recorded by The Itals as Ina Dis Yah Time, the dread No Weak Heart, the blazing and burning False Leaders and particularly the version of John Holt’s Strange Things. The musical arrangements and Ronnie Davis’ singing are exceptional and goes straight to the heart.

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