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Reggae rubs shoulders with hip-hop and latin on Sr. Wilson’s 24/7

51Z31Q-WslL._SS500Two years ago Barcelona-based singer, singjay and rapper Sr. Wilson dropped his ultra-solid second album Paso firme. Now he has a third album out – 24/7. It’s recorded together with The Island Defenders and offers an intriguing blend of rub-a-dub, ska, hip-hop and latin.

The set comes with nine vocal tracks and three dub versions and Sr. Wilson delivers his smooth vocals in both English and Spanish/Catalan. He effortlessly rides the rhythms whether rub-a-dub, latin or ska. Check for example the hot-blooded Pedro el permanente where he spits lyrics over an intense beat with memorable keys and an absolutely lethal break with smattering percussion and a roaring organ.

Other standout cuts include album opener Hungry Man, the pulsating title track and the slick Tonight, which also comes with a catchy break.

Sr. Wilson has once again proved that he is one of the most exciting artists on the European reggae scene.

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