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Reggaemani celebrates Jamaica’s 50th anniversary

On August 6th 1962 the island nation of Jamaica attained full independence from Britain, and as a celebration of the 50th year of independence Reggaemani has put together a list of 50 favorite reggae albums, one for each decade.

This wide-ranging list doesn’t aim to provide a full picture of the country’s musical evolution, since it’s my personal favorites, which means the list leans towards the rootsier side of reggae.

I fell in love with reggae about 15 years ago, actually through punk rock and bands such as NOFX and Rancid. These bands incorporated ska in their music, and I loved the energy and intensity in both ska and punk.

I did some research, found The Skatalites and haven’t looked back since. I was immediately hooked and have travelled from ska and rocksteady via roots reggae and early dancehall to ragga and modern one drop. I guess you can say the ingenious sounds of Jamaica have made a lasting impression on me.

My 50 years of reggae music capture almost every sub-genre over the past five decades and the list includes game-changing albums, pivotal artists, crucial producers and massive anthems. It’s a journey through an innovative genre that has influenced popular culture, a genre that has made an undeniable mark on the global music map with its seminal sounds.

The 50 albums I have selected celebrate the momentous achievements in the past and I hope for an equally glorious future.

The list will be presented through five different articles, one for each decade. On Monday June 11 it’s 1962-1972, on Tuesday 1973-1982, on Wednesday 1983-1992, on Thursday 1993-2002 and on Friday 2003-2012.


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