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Harrison Stafford makes three nattys fly

NWFA_FINAL_coverITUNESGroundation’s lead singer and front man Harrison ”Professor” Stafford has brought together three reggae veterans for a new album titled Natty Will Fly Again.

The set features Winston Jarrett, Pablo Moses and Ashanti Roy from The Congos. These three singers had their heydays in the 70s, even though both Pablo Moses and Ashanti Roy have presented strong material over the past years.

The album was recorded at Harrison Stafford’s own studio in California and later voiced at the legendary Harry J studio in Jamaica. It comes with a healthy 18 tracks – nine vocal cuts and nine dub versions.

Each singer has three songs each, and Ashanti Roy is the one that shines the brightest. Partly because he has the best and most interesting voice, but also because he has been treated with strongest material. His Hallelujah and Poor People almost sound like The Congos did in the late 70s – haunting and eerie.

Natty Will Fly Again is a testament that many seasoned reggae singers still have plenty to offer, even though it’s hard to outshine their efforts back in the day

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