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Powerful performance on Easy Skanking Boston 78’

Bob-Marley-Easy-SkankingA few days ago I received my Spotify year in music and I was quite amazed by the result since Bob Marley was my most played artist. I mean, I like his music, but I don’t really, really like it. So why did I play him so much?

Well, I realized that I have been spinning my playlist Bob Marley’s 50 Best Songs According to Rolling Stone rather a lot. That’s actually the playlist I use every time we have friends or family over. I mean – who doesn’t like Bob Marley?

But I have also played a recent Bob Marley release – Easy Skanking Boston 78’. I haven’t written about it though, so I thought I’d put some words on it.

Easy Skanking Boston 78’ was captured in Boston in 1978 and is thus recorded the same year as his classic live album Babylon by Bus. The sound quality is excellent and Bob Marley puts on a powerful performance going through highlights from many parts of his career.

It contains unique energy and kicks off with the classics Slave Driver and Burnin’ & Lootin’ moving forward via monster jams like I Shot the Sheriff and No Woman No Cry and explodes with anthems like Get Up Stand Up, Jamming and Exodus.

The album comes with a video that features hand-held footage from a fan who captured the show – only seven songs filmed though – and marks the beginning of Universal’s archival Bob Marley series. More militant grooves to come hopefully.

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