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Reggaemani’s best tunes in 2010

Like with albums, 2010 has been a pretty decent year with some major tunes. Gyptian – for instance – scored one of the biggest reggae hits in recent years with his hypnotic Hold You.

Apart from Gyptian, Vybz Kartel had two very well received tunes – the anthemic Clarks that have some follow-ups and Jeans & Fitted featuring producer Russian.

In the one drop field producers like Not Easy At All, Frenchie and Irie Ites have kept their flag high in Europe. In Jamaica, Don Corleon and John John produced two of the best riddims this year – Major and Zion Gate.

My best tunes in 2010 are a mixture of hard and sweet and dancehall and one drop. The tunes selected are not necessarily the ones that I’ve played the most, since I wanted a more diverse list than 20 tunes in one drop mode. You’ll probably notice that Hold You and Clarks are missing. Why? What can I say? The competition was just too fierce.

Artist – song title (riddim)

20. Gappy Ranks & Million Stylez – Life
Two European singjays that work very well together.

19. Jah Vinci – Me Alone (Wallabeez)
Bouncy dancehall at its best.

18. Maikal X – Get Away (Police in Helicopter Reactivated)
One of the loudest bass lines in 2010. Ouch.

17. Sena – Work in It (Eyes On My Purpose)
Sena was in the top of my list last year. Work in It is a wicked combination of hip-hop and reggae.

16. Chris Martin – As I Walk Away (Jah Protect)
Beautiful ballad with Chris Martin’s emotional voice over a riddim with acoustic guitar and strings.

15. Jimmy Riley & Fantan Mojah – Tell Me Your Name (Best Trick)
Hard and pulsating riddim that makes you want to dance.

14. Nas & Damian Marley – As We Enter
Hip-hop and reggae fusion at its best.

13. Vybz Kartel & Russian – Jeans & Fitted
Combination of dancehall and hip-hop with pop melodies.

12. Protoje – J.A
A great homage to Jamaica.

11. Kali Blaxx – Nah Trust Dem (Clearly)
Way too under recorded singer on a nice one drop riddim.

10. Chezidek – Walk With Jah (Collie Weed)
Slow and sweet riddim with Chezidek’s distinctive voice.

9. Papa Dee – My DJ Friends
Swedish veteran deejay on a riddim that echoes from the 80’s.

8. Skarra Mucci – Jah Blessings (Jaguar)
Tough tune from this Jamaican singjay.

7. Romain Virgo – Live Mi Life (Boops)
Producer Shane C. Brown revitalizes this great 80’s riddim and Romain Virgo does a great job with it.

6. Sizzla – Music in My Soul (Zion Gate)
King Jammy’s son John John produced this relick of a Bunny Lee riddim. Sweet old school reggae.

5. Johnny Clarke & Fantan Mojah – Rebel With A Cause (Rebellion 2010)
Another great relick. This time from Frenchie who lays his hands on the Creation Rebel riddim.

4. J-Boog – Coldest Zone (Hustlin’)
Very emotional from Hawaiian singer J-Boog. Tough riddim from Bost & Bim.

3. Chezidek – Live and Learn 12”
Some wicked horns arrangements compliments Chezidek’s emotional singing very well.

2. Tarrus Riley – Wildfire (Major)
Tarrus Riley’s take on one of the best riddims in 2010. Smooth and uptempo at the same time.

1. Pressure – Ina Dancehall (Strange Things hip-hop remix)
Pulsating to say the least and Pressure’s flow is beyond belief. I must admit that this was released late December 2009, so it could have been disqualified. But it’s just to good.

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Half year report – best albums and tunes yet

Six months of 2010 has passed and we’ve been treated lots of great albums, songs and rhythms.

It has been both known and unknown artists. For example, veterans such as Sizzla, Junior Kelly and Capleton released albums of varying quality. Unfortunately, their albums were somewhat disappointing, particularly Capleton and his I-Ternal Fire, which was too soft for my taste.

However, new and upcoming stars have done impressive efforts. Both Chezidek and Natty King have released fantastic albums. Similarly, album debutants Romain Virgo and Naptali also provided great records. It was also a great relief that the cooperation between the distant relatives Nas and Damian ”Jr Gong” Marley worked out so well.

It has also been plenty of great rhythms. Two Jamaican producers scored big time – Zion Gate provided by John John and Major & Minor Riddim from Don Corleon are two of the strongest rhythms this year. In Europe, Curtis Lynch has had his flag flying high. He released his first very own rhythm – the great Jam1 – and  updated – once more – Police in Helicopter Riddim with a particularly lethal cut by Maikal X.

Going forward, there are lots of exciting releases to look out for in the coming months. For example, veteran Luciano releases his United States of Africa in July, a month in which Busy Signal and Gyptian also are expected to drop their new albums. In August, we will be treated albums from Etana, Gappy Ranks and Toussaint. Three really interesting records are expected later this fall – Franz Job, Protoje and Mellow Baku.

Until then, check out some of this year’s best albums and tunes yet.

Five best albums so far (no particular order):
Feel Your Presence –  NiyoRah
Distant Relatives – Nas & Damian Marley
Judgement Time – Chezidek
Born to be Free – Natty King
Romain Virgo – Romain Virgo

Ten of the best tunes so far (no particular order):
Nine Lives – Mavado
Music in My Soul – Sizzla
Live Mi Life – Romain Virgo
J.A – Protoje
Live and Learn – Chezidek
Tell Me Your Name – Jimmy Riley & Fantan Mojah
Hold Yuh – Gyptian
Nah Trust Dem – Kali Blaxx
As We Enter – Nas & Damian Marley
Wildfire – Tarrus Riley


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