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Raw energy on Dreadsquad and Blackout JA’s World Destruction

SF032-artwork-world-destruction-1000x10001Gravel-voiced UK chanter Blackout JA has joined forces with eclectic Polish producer Dreadsquad on the aptly titled set World Destruction, an album where Blackout JA rages against corruption, police brutality and poverty.

Two singles have so far been lifted from World Destruction and they showcases two completely different sonic landscapes. Last Tune is a hard and heavy UK steppers cut designed to mash up sound system dances, while the Edwyn Collins cover A Girl Like You is delicate and gracious with its elegant melodica and slick organ.

Best of the bunch is however the steady one drop Innocent Persecution, the bouncy 80s sounding Never Give In and the aggressive Police Brutality, where message and vocal style blend perfect together.

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Dirty Dubsters light up the dance

artworks-000130444215-ib1t73-t500x500Irish production and DJ duo DJ Obese and Jay Sharp, better known as Dirty Dubsters, have dropped a new full-length set collecting a hefty 15 tracks spanning several bass heavy genres, including reggae, dub, hip-hop, jungle and house.

The duo doesn’t pull the breaks and Special Request is a dancefloor extravaganza from start to finish with its clever samples, massive drum beats and fat bass grooves.

The album hosts a ton of collaborations, including fierce performances from the versatile Soom T, rockstone-voiced Blackout JA and the stylish Mr. Williamz, just to name a few. The first single off the album – Big Sound – certainly earns its title with a driving bass line and Screechy Dan and Chip Fu showcasing their skills on the microphone.

A blazing and genre-crossing album showcasing how multifaceted reggae is.

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Entertaining debut album from Mr Benn

Mr-Benn-Shake-A-LegThe UK city of Bristol is probably best known for groundbreaking trippy 90’s bands such as Massive Attack and Portishead. But the reggae scene has also been vital for many years, as shown by the many excellent albums and compilations coming from Bristol Archive Records.

One of the more recent additions on the Bristol reggae scene is Mr Benn, who on his debut album Shake A Leg takes an old school meets new school approach.

The album is an eclectic smorgasbord set with Aswad, The Specials and King Tubby along with various ingredients coming from 90s hip-hop and boom rap, soca, jungle, dancehall, dubstep and bashement.

This vast list of musical influences and guest artists, ranging from UK heavyweighters like Top Cat and Tenor Fly and to newcomers like Eva Lazarus and Nanci Correia, creates a cheerful jump-up vibe directly aimed at setting dance floors worldwide on fire.

And it’s hard to sit still when you play this entertaining album. Your head starts to nod, your feet beings to stomp and suddenly you feel an urge to dim lights, call all your friends and turn up the bass, even if it’s just a boring Thursday afternoon. Then just do it.

And don’ forget to check out the out the free download of a wicked combination with gruff voiced deejay Blackout JA, not included on the album.

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Another tough relick from the Necessary Mayhem camp

UK-based producer Curtis Lynch has not been slacking around this past month. A few weeks ago he dropped the tough Jam 4/the Wobble riddim with a wicked cut from rock stone voice Blackout JA.

Now Curtis Lynch drops another huge riddim on Necessary Mayhem subsidiary Maroon Records. The new riddim is called Shaolin Temple, and is based on – yes, you guessed right – Barrington Levy’s tune of the same name.

There are four cuts to this relick – Blackout JA & Chantelle Ernandez, Jah Mirikle and one dub and one instrumental from Curtis Lynch.

All three are solid, but the Jah Mirikle stands out from the rest.

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Curtis Lynch drops new rhythm

Producer Curtis Lynch – the mastermind behind many great relicks – unleashes the new Jam 4/The Wobble riddim. The rhythm is named after its dark intro bass, and because it was the fourth rhythm he built in Jamaica.

As usual there are some excellent pieces of modern rootsy dancehall. Legendary UK dancehall deejays Top Cat and General Levy do some heavy chatting. But the best slice is from rock stone voice Blackout JA with his Heavyweight Chanter.


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Mr Benn capitalizes on the vuvuzela

Bristol-based producer and DJ Mr Benn recently released Vuvuzela Riddim with lots of honking and irresistible grooves. It’s instrumental, but it’s surely only a matter of time before it’ll be voiced by singers and deejays around the globe.

Mr Benn has previously produced a lot of skankin’ tunes. If you want to get a feel for his sound you can download his great mix Play it Again Mr Benn. This is certainly a great introduction. It’s funky reggae at its core with classic riddims such as Bam Bam mixed with hip hop beats.

He has also collaborated with rock stone voice Blackout JA. Together they have made the brand new tune Police and last year’s Long Time. Check it!

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Nytt från Da Grynch

Brittiske producenten Curtis “Da Grynch” Lynch går från klarhet till klarhet. Förra året släppte hans skivbolag Necessary Mayhem en av 2009-års bästa låtarYoung Gunz med Million Stylez & Joey Fever.

Nu är han på gång igen med nya låtar som  bådar riktigt gott för 2010. Can’t Take No More heter den senaste rytmen med sånginsatser från Aswad-sångaren BrinsleyForde samt Blackout JA, som för övrigt gjort många stabila insatser för Curtis Lynch tidigare. Rytmen är mer roots-orienterad än vanligt, och släpps på Curtis Lynch nya skivbolag Maroon.

De fyra låtarna – två vokala och två dub – finns att beställa i fysiskt format från bland annat Dub Vendor eller som mp3 via Reggae Sound Network.

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Gratisskivor som räddar helgen

Januari är ingen rolig månad för plånboken. Jul, semester och nyår. Och sen de vanliga räkningarna. För att klara årets fattigaste helg har Reggaemani hittat två gratisplattor som räddar både för- och efterfesten.

Skivkoll skrev härom veckan om en gratis mixplatta från amerikanska producentduon South Rakkas Crew, som bland annat ligger bakom hårda rytmer som Clappas och Red Alert.  Mixen innehåller sexton separata låtar med exempelvis Capleton och Blackout JA. Plattan är ett måste för dig som gillar stenhård dancehall med house-influenser och behöver komma igång inför en kväll på stan.

Reggaecommunityn Dub Vibrations har satt ihop en platta med bidrag från medlemmarna. Skivan innehåller 20 låtar från dubproducenter världen över. Många av låtarna är lugna och nästan meditativa. Passar perfekt att koppla av till efter en tuff kväll.

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Upphottade klassiker från Necessary Mayhem

Producenten Curtis Lynch ligger bakom skivbolaget Necessary Mayhem, ett skivbolag som under 2009 gett ut några av årets bästa låtar, exempelvis Young Gunz med Million Stylez & Joey Fever samt Dubplate med YT, Million Stylez, Tenor Fly, Blackout JA & Mr. Williamz.

Ett av Curtis Lynch signum är att ta gamla klassiska riddims och ge dem en ny och modernare känsla. Han har tidigare tagit sig an Augustus ”Gussie” Clarkes Rumours och Henry ”Junjo” Lawes Police in Helicopter.

Nu är det dags igen. Och den här gången tar Curtis Lynch sig an två ytterligare riddims från Augustus Clarke – Innercity Lady med Gregory Isaacs och Worth Your Weight in Gold med Delroy Wilson.

På det nya materialet medverkar bland annat Etana med en låt på varje riddim samt Gregory Isaacs som teamar upp med Blackout JA.

Låtarna finns att köpa som 7” eller via laglig nedladdning från exempelvis Reggae Sound Network.


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